A new car…

Eighteen years ago, we bought a new Honda Odyssey for me to use for my real estate business, for long trips and hauling kids around. It just so happened to be the same color as the Honda Accord my honey had bought the year before, kind of gold color. I was thrilled to have matching vehicles. She now has 249,500 miles on her, one dent I am responsible for, and one dent someone else is responsible for. All maintenance was performed on time, a few repairs had to be done, but it still runs great.

A couple weeks ago my honey asked me to test drive a new Honda CR-V at our local dealership. Honda was offering zero percent financing, with zero down. That’s a good deal. We talked it over. My van is no longer reliable for long trips, his accord isn’t real great for them either. Our income at this time can support a car payment. And who knows what prices may be in a year or two when we actually need a new car (we are expecting some serious inflation). So, we bit the bullet and bought a new car.

I admit, I am a simple girl. I would be happy with power locks and windows, bluetooth for my music and call that good. But everything comes with rear backup cameras, seat heaters, digital displays for gas mileage, satellite radio, remote start, keyless entry/ignition. Eeesh! Too much for this old brain. However, I have to admit, as the temperatures have been dipping into the single digits, my derrière has truly appreciated those seat heaters. I am getting used to the keyless stuff too.

I am enjoying having a car to drive that doesn’t smell dirty or like french fries. Everything feels tight and new, the steering, the doors, everything. I can see all the lighted dials at night and don’t have to guess which one to move for heat when I am driving at night either. Strangely enough, I feel more feminine in it too. My van had become more of a truck in the last few years. Hauling garbage and recyclables to the dumps, moving boxes from house to storage, then back again. We have even hauled old sod (contained on a tarp) to the dumps and wood chips in containers from the local tree service company home to use in our garden. We will continue to use the van as our truck, and the new car for dates, shopping and travels.

I am blessed that my honey thought of me, and wants me driving something reliable. He doesn’t buy me things often, but when he does, he goes big! I hope you have a honey whom you can be grateful for too!


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