A first…

Today, I sat down around noon, with lunch on my lap and I turned on the television!!!

In the last year, I can count on one hand how many times I have turned on the TV, and that was only to check out the weather forecast. Today was different. My honey grew up in a sports watching family. Watching sports together says I love you in his mind. The past couple years, I have made an effort to sit, without a phone or work on my lap, and to watch games of his favorite teams, the Minnesota Vikings and the Gonzaga Bulldogs. I have grown to really enjoy sharing this with my honey.

Today, the Zags were playing at 11:40am. That really bummed my honey out. The best he could do is have it on in the background while he worked. I tried to listen to it while I was driving in the car, but I am a visual person, I have to see it. So, when I got home, I fixed lunch and turned it on. My honey had set the TV on the correct channel so I didn’t have to search for it. He knows I am remote control challenged. So sweet! At least we will be able to talk about the game tonight when he gets home from work. I am so glad I watched the game. It wasn’t quite the same as watching it with him though. The couch seemed empty, and no one was holding my hand.

I am willing to bet though, that he recorded the game and plans to watch it after I go to bed anyway. Which makes me smile. Who knows, if the Zags win the tournament, that will be a first to see our team win a title!

Hope you have something special to look forward to today!


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