A deeper meaning…

In our home we celebrate the Feasts of the LORD, as the Jesus/Yeshua did, as the New Testament believers did, as the apostles did. Passover is soon approaching, and in light of what is happening in our world with COVID19, Passover is taking on a new meaning this year in our hearts.

I find that I am thinking of preparing much sooner than usual. Preparation includes going through the pantry and freezer to remove any food items with leavening or yeast in them. It is also a time for us to examine our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to shed light on any sins that might be hiding in my life. Each year I seem to find a can with yeast in the ingredients that I wasn’t aware of. And each year, I try to find a yeast less substitute for that, so that there will be less to get rid of next year. Hopefully that holds true for sins in my life. Anything unopened will be donated to the local food bank, so as not to go to waste.

Passover was, as the name implies, a night in which God passed over the homes in Egypt that had the blood of the Lamb applied to the doorposts. Death came to all the firstborn of Egypt as a judgement for not setting His children free. This year, it seems his children are in need of another Passover. To be spared from a deadly pestilence, COVID19 to be exact. To be delivered from the economic fallout this pestilence has caused as it is battled. That will be what I pray for as I drape our door in red fabric, as we eat our meal in haste. We will also check our hearts to make sure that the blood of the sinless Lamb of God, Yeshua, has been applied to our hearts. And we will pray that he will show mercy.

I pray that your heart and mind are at peace. God’s children have nothing to fear. He says if we will dwell with him closely, he will shelter us from the storm until it passes. The storm is still there, we still feel it, hear it, etc, but it will not destroy us. This is my hope. I pray it is yours also.


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