Watching an aging parent struggle is hard. My fiercely independent 84 year father recently slipped on some ice and pulled a groin muscle and bone bruised his back end. Within hours, the pain and stiffness was so great he had to use a walker to get around. It broke my heart to see him struggling to get around, and sit down. He couldn’t get his own socks on, couldn’t balance to do his regular chores around the house. And worst of all, was confined to sitting in his living room without being able to get out of the house.

He’s been a great patient though. Mostly because he will do anything to regain his independence. He iced the sore spots, regularly took the homeopathy regimen we planned out for him, and didn’t overdo it. After 5 days, he took his first shower, alone. After 8 days, he graduated himself to using a cane instead of the walker. On the 9th day, he went down the two steps required to get in and out of the house and we walked in the sunshine on the patio for a change of scenery and fresh air. Today, day 11, he wanted to try to get in and out of a vehicle (as a passenger). He was able to take this next step towards independence, but it was hard for him. And hard for me to watch.

He had already slowed down this past year. He is even slower now. I walked holding his uncaned arm. Partly for him, partly for me. It reminds me to slow down for him, and makes me feel like I might be able to help should he lose his balance. Although, honestly, I might end up going down with him if that ever happens. Although he is healing very quickly compared with other 80+ year olds, the progress is still slow going. He hopes to be driving himself again in the next week, but I am cautious about that, and have already cleared my schedule for his various appointments done the next month.

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for the resources he has given for natural healing, and for wisdom on how to use them. Homeopathy has been a huge resource that I have utilized again and again in the past four years. Below is a link to the website that started me on my healing journey. I hope you enjoy it also.

Using homeopathy, our family has dealt with hemorrhoids that we’re requiring surgery, explosive diarrhea, IBS, hot flashes, tendon/ligament injuries, shock, pain, rashes due to food intolerances, UTIs, fever, hormone headaches, sinus infections, and more. We believe there is a place for doctors, but that many health issues can be dealt with safely, and in expensively with homeopathy.


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