A moment of down time…

The sun is shining and warm, there is a gentle breeze and the sound of a small airplane heading towards our local airstrip fills the air. Every now and then, a ring necked pheasant who has made himself comfy in our neighborhood calls out with their distinctive call.

I decided to make some of my house building calls from the back porch today. The calls I have been avoiding have been made (whew!) and now I need to email the shop plans to a few vendors for estimates. The porch swing in the sun beckoned, and Spanky promptly took over my cushioned chair at the table under the pergola. It’s amazing how blue the sky is today. Sometimes I forget what a beautiful place I live in.

The neighbors dog is now growl barking at me. If he is out and not barking, I will give him a couple treats, with permission from his owners of course. But, apparently they have him trained to bark until he gets a treat. Lovely. You would think he wouldn’t bark at me after four years, but he does.

A few more phone calls to get email addresses of estimators, send off plans, then I hope to have time to shower to get the dust off of me before heading to our granddaughters orchestra performance tonight. Earlier today, my father and I took two new fruit trees out to the property to plant, and had to move the two we planted last year to make space for building. I finally jotted down a preliminary landscape plan so I don’t have to keep moving things. These should be the last things planted until early fall, when we will move over the ten blueberry bushes that have graced our current yard.

I have got to ask the neighbors what I can do to keep their dog from barking the entire time I am in the yard.

May you seize the moments of your day to “stop and smell the roses”, enjoy the blue sky or listen to a buzzing bee, and may it restore your soul, even if just for the moment.


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