Living eulogies…

Eulogy: noun. A commendatory oration or writing, especially in honor of one deceased.

Serendipity. That’s the name of a movie my honey and I have watched a couple times. At one point in the movie, one friend (who writes obituaries for a living) wrote an obituary for his friend who was struggling with a decision. At the time, I thought that was an interesting idea.

After my mother passed away suddenly, and I helped my dad plan the memorial, I realized how sad it is that people often only say the way they feel about a person, at their funeral. The person who dies never gets to hear the beautiful affirmations of their life. It was then that I decided that I wanted to write eulogies for those I love while they are still living.

I have done so for my husband, my father, brother and sister. I need to take time and write them for my son and daughter also, then their spouses. But now I realize I need to add our closest friends to that list.

I would encourage you to think about doing the same. Let those you love, hear the loving words you would say at their funeral. The relationships we build today are what build the people of tomorrow.


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